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Harrow International School
Mission & Philosophy

To nurture the attitudes, knowledge and skills that encourage excellence in learning and living. To make this possible by providing a structured, disciplined and creative environment in which a students individuality is allowed to shine but also where the individual learns to be a valuable member of the community.

In order to achieve its mission, Harrow International School seeks to draw on the fine reputation and educational traditions of Englands Harrow School, the unique context and international diversity of its host culture Thailand, and the attributes of British curricula, qualifications and teachers.


On a glorious, superbly equipped campus, Harrow International School offers the national curriculum of England and Wales, taught through the medium of English and leading to IGCSE, A/S and A2 examinations. In addition, pupils can follow an extensive extra curricular programme and benefit from a Language Centre, a Tutorial College and boarding facilities. The majority of teachers comes from the United Kingdom.


Through the curriculum, pupils are equipped with the knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in the modern world.

In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, students study a broad curriculum that includes Information Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art and Physical Education. Modern Languages are included from the Primary School upwards and all students study Thai Culture. Support is provided for students for whom English is a second language, through the schools Language Centre and ESL programme.

Level/ Class

The early years of education are crucial in every childs life. At Harrow International early years refers to children in Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2, that is pupils ranging between 3 and 5 years. These young learners receive an integrated initial education preparing them for Key Stage 1 of the curriculum. Children are provided with the opportunity to play, form relationships and learn about themselves and others in a safe environment where the individual feels secure and valued. Specific activities are used to promote self esteem and confidence and to help pupils to develop respect for others. Circle Time activities are incorporated into weekly planning and the Golden Rules are continually reinforced in every Kindergarten class. Classroom teachers act as positive role models for their charges, providing support at all times.

The Kindergarten at the Don Muang campus is an integral part of our Primary School, which also shares the campus with the Secondary School. Each have their own dedicated spaces, teachers and resources. With shared use of specialist music and physical education resources and teaching staff.

The inner city Early Years Centre is located at the heart of Bangkok. With classes ranging from Kindergarten 1 to Year 1, the campus has its own specialist facilities but maintains regular contact with the Don Muang campus. This enables staff to share ideas and resources and gives pupils access to the considerable resources of the main campus. Pupils can move from the Sukhumvit site to the Don Muang site at the end of Year 2 or earlier, if circumstances and place availability permit.

The curriculum of the Primary School is structured, balanced and covers the core subjects of the national curriculum of England and Wales. The cultural diversity of pupils is reflected in lesson planning.

Ensuring that children are both literate and numerate lies at the heart of The Harrow Primary educational policy. Children who are confident in these areas from an early age will gain the greatest benefit and enjoyment from the whole curriculum throughout their school lives and as they develop into adults. Literacy, numeracy, science and technology are central but not emphasised to the exclusion of creative work, physical development and social interaction.

Continuity is achieved by whole-phase planning so that the work of each year group builds upon and extends previous experience. Breadth comes from a practical, topic-based approach that stimulates pupils interest and involvement in the world around them. Music, Art, Physical Education and Drama all provide important curriculum balance. In the later years of the Primary phase, specialist teaching in Mathematics, Modern Languages and Information Technology bring further depth to childrens learning.

Through the Secondary School curriculum, which leads to qualifications in IGCSE and A Levels, pupils are equipped with the knowledge and life skills needed to succeed in the modern world. When students leave Harrow International they will become a new generation of leaders, prepared and ready to contribute to the diverse societies in which they live and work.

YEAR 7-9, Ages 11-14
In addition to the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, students study a broad curriculum that includes Information Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art and Physical Education. Modern Languages are included from the Primary School upwards and all students study Thai Culture.

The IGCSE Programme, YEARS 10 & 11, ages 14 16
After the first three years, students make choices regarding their IGCSE options and continue in Year 10 and Year 11 towards their IGCSE examinations and the completion of Key Stage 4. At IGCSE level, all students study the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and then take further subjects from a choice of Thai, Mandarin, French, Japanese, Art, History, Business Studies, English Literature, Music, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, and PE.

The A/S and A2 Programme, YEARS 12 & 13, ages 16 19
Following success at IGCSE level, students can choose to stay on at Harrow International to take their A/S and A Levels in the Lower Sixth (Year 12) and Upper Sixth (Year 13). At this stage students choose up to four subjects at A/S Level and then usually continue with three subjects in the second year at A2 Level.

Following succesful completion of the A/S and A Level courses, students are qualified for admission to universities in Britain, Australia and USA.

Those students for whom English is a second language are required to sit an assessment test on entry to assess their level of English. In nearly all cases, they are mutually expected to follow a concentrated course of study in the School's Language Centre which offers an excellent course in English as a Foreign Language, before embarking on the main school curriculum. The students will still continue to receive ESL support from specialist staff.

Tuition Fee

From 270,000 Baht per year in Foundation Stage to 420,000 Baht per year in the Secondary School.


The School is sited on a large, new 75-Acre campus, with prupose built facilities. It has easy, quick access to Bangkok International Airport and is located in a green, clean environment away from the traffic and pollution of the inner city.

The buildings are all newly built and are purposed designed for school use and include an excellent library/resource area, spacious, well equipped Science laboratories, IT facilities, a magnificent Sports Hall, Swimming pools and spacious sport pitches. The large number of tennis courts enable the school to operate as a Centre of Excellence in Tennis, with professional coaches and the 15-Acre lake makes a range of water sports and activities possible. In addition, the campus also houses the new Boarding houses, a Dining hall and a seperate teaching block for the Primary aged children.

Apart from the main campus, the school also has a newly established, fully equipped Kindergarten facility in the Sukhumvit area of the city. It is superbly located for parents of young children living in this popular residential area of Bangkok.

185/45 Soi Kosumruamjai 7
Don Muang

Telephone: +(66 02) 503 7222
Fax: +(66 02) 503 7223


Early Years Centre, Ekamai
17 Ekamai Soi 4 (Pasana 2),
Sukhumvit 63 Road,



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