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International Pioneers School
Mission & Philosophy

The school's mission is to encourage and inspire every student in our care to become "pioneers". To launch themselves on a journey of discovery, into their own being and the universe they are a part of, thereby raising their consciousness and nurturing a love of learning and knowledge that will benefit them, and the society, for the rest of their lives.

At IPS we believe in the whole child - Academically, Physically, and Socially.

At IPS we believe that learning is a lifelong process, which never ceases. We live and learn. The love for learning initially develops in young minds. Hence at IPS we begin with the child. As an international learning center we pride ourselves in providing a caring and intellectually stimulating environment where quality and high standards are matched with a diversity of learning styles. This allows us to best meet the demands of every child each with their own unique needs, traditions, culture, limitations, potential and abilities. In education, we at IPS have a crucial role in creating the right learning environment, which is creative and positive enough to allow these diversities to flourish and equality to be upheld.

At IPS we believe in using a broad yet balanced curriculum so that every child can grow as an academic, physical, and social being. This balanced approach, with the whole of the child in mind, helps us to foster critical and creative thinking and thereby lift the spirit of free inquiry.

At IPS we believe in developing a mutual respect and concern in every child not just for one another but also for the world as well. Caring for their physical environment, nurturing responsibility for all things living is we believe an excellent preparation for the challenges of living in society.


The school teaches a broad range of subjects covering all aspects of the United Kingdom National Curriculum.

The three core subjects are taught:
ENGLISH - Developing students reading skills through a world-renown reading scheme, enhancing writing and speaking skills together with adopting innovative methods to encourage creative writing, spelling and grammatical skills.

MATHS - Developing students numeric skills. Helping them through a range of teaching methods to explore shape, space, measurement / handling data. The students are taught how to use and apply mathematics in variety of practical and abstract situations and tackle problems in mental maths.

SCIENCE - Students develop through our innovative approach to observe, evaluate and explain a vast range of scientific phenomena.

Other subjects studied:
Humanities (An integrated field of study which includes Thai history and culture, and introduces general history and regional geography), Geography, History, Thai language and culture,Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Personal, Health and Social Education, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Art / Craft, Design and Technology.

We offer a range of options to study other foreign languages. We intend to introduce Chinese (Mandarin) and French in the near future. Throughout the school year, each of the subject areas is studied creatively and imaginatively and students are encouraged to explore and discover for themselves the immense wealth of knowledge to be found in each of these fields of study.

We also encourage dance, meditation, drama, puppetry and many other creative activities that happen throughout the school year.

Level/ Class

Kindergarten: 2 years 6 months 5 years (K1- Year 1)
Primary level: 5 years 11+ years (Year 2- Year 7)
Secondary level:12+ years -- 13+ (year 8 - Year 9)

Tuition Fee

Registration fees:
Thai Baht 20,000.- (one time)

Annual Tuition fees:
Thai Baht 65,000 to Thai Baht 75,000.- which includes food, books and insurance.


- Library
- Computer Lab
- Science Lab
- Sick Room
- Music Room
- Sports and Games
- Transport facility
- Cafeteria


20 Soi Radjruam Charoen, (Soi Charoen Nakorn 14)
Charoen Nakorn Road

Telephone: 02-8623030, 02-4384741
Fax: 02-8623029




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