International School in Thailand

With the exception of a small number of international schools which exist to provide education almost exclusively for the nationals of a particular country, the majority of international schools in Thailand have a multi-national intake and offer an education broadly following either the British or American system, the language of instruction being English.

The American Education System
The British Education System
International Baccalaureate Programmes
Special Support and other Educational Systems
Thailand's educational standards are accepted by international examining bodies while its universities are outstanding in many specialized fields.

International education in Thailand covers the pre-school years to post-graduate university courses. Forty-five international schools and colleges are members of the International Schools Association of Thailand offering education based on the British or American system as well as national systems such as Japanese, French, German and Swiss. Qualifications offered include the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), The International Baccalaureate (IB), the General Certificate of Education at Advanced Level (A Level) and the American Programme (AP).

Higher education institutions offer over 270 regular international curricula for Bachelor's and Master's degree and Doctorate programmes. Also available are short and specially designed courses. Student exchange programmes have been offered by the Ministry of University Affairs and universities with public and private. The transfer of credit to enhance mobility within and across the region is becoming more widely accessible.

Overseas students have the opportunity to appreciate Thai friendliness and hospitality and to learn about Thai culture.

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